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The town of Dalyan has a history probably dates back to the 13th century , but which received on status strategically speaking during Süleyman the Magnificent's Rhodes campaign. More recently, about 30 to 40 years ago, this settlement turned village was almost exclusively dependent on agriculture and fishingfor its sustenance. Then in the 1980's Dalyan saw a quick rise in tourismas word got out that forgotten jewel was situated right in the middle of one of the world's most rare and bountiful ecosystems. To be in this splendid corner of nature which took thousands of year to develop while facing the ancient city  of Caunos is indeed an unforgettable experience. Nature and history offer a bouquet of wonders in Dalyan. An earthly  paradise…

       After the 1980s the Dalyan developed like a pearl, turning itself into a world famous tourism center. Registered as a Nature Reserve in 1988, it was saved from uncontrolled housing development and population growth. Thankfully, the ecosystem  consisting of the Köyçeğiz Lake, the Dalyan River, the Delta and Iztuzu Beach maintain a status of preserved abundance. In other words, it is a bouquet of wonders...

       Situated in the midst of a rare ecosystem, Dalyan is not a seaside town, but it has both one od the most beautiful beaches in the world nearby, a unique delta, as well as wonderful lakes that inspire exploring , such a Sulungur, Tuz Lake and Alagöl that are all situated on the Delta. The ancient city of Caunos, the history of which dates back to the 1st millenium BC, is just across the river. Ruins from a wandering wall that once defended the old city, rises and falls along the steep gradient that holds the terraced Acropolis. Monumental tombs belonging to noble families of Caunos are also found here, carved deeply into a steep cliff of limestone, modelled from temple facades. The bouquet of attractions invide lovers of nature, history and archaeology to return time and time again  

( Türe,Altan-2011).



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